and welcome to my little space on the world wide web

My name is Tiago Sá Vidinha,
in English Tiago Sá "little life", i'm a designer who is fascinated by creating ideas and design.


I currently work at LOBA as a web designer. 

habit tracker . app

After testing many apps and studying all of them, I realized that they all have the same objective, so I started to study and develop my own habit tracker and improve with a different vision on the app.

Project in progress

syntony hotels

Syntony hotels is located in the middle of Arouca. It is a luxury space,
with nature as its background.

Project created at LOBA.CX

on going project

Just a few inspirations from 2 AM

Project created on my free time


Moolt is a new mold brand, with a very strong presence, the communication created follows the brand's impactful positioning

Project created at LOBA.CX

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